Elegante Algoritmes

Tools used: Processing
Type: Programming/Program design
Client/Purpose: Competition Gemeente Museum Den Haag

This program was written for a programming competition called ‘Elegante algoritmes’, for which the contestants had to recreate Piet Mondriaans’ ‘Victory Boogie-Woogie’ in code. Since Mondriaans’ painting had largely been inspired by jazz music, I chose to incorporate sound into my digital replica. The program launches by displaying a blank canvas. As soon as the microphone detects sound, for example by speaking or clapping your hands, a cube is generated on a random location, with a random colour and a random size. This ensures that each time the program runs, a different, half-random ‘Victory Boogie-Woogie’ will be generated. After thirty seconds the canvas is saved and the program restarts itself.

Ruben Bernhardt - Program written for a programming competition