Little Lad prototype

Tools used: Illustrator and multiple hardware components
Type: Prototype
Client/Purpose: HKU-Project

Having affinity for both product- and industrial design, I decided to create an everyday utensil. This desk-light prototype is strongly rooted in interaction design and uses many materials, of which magnets are the most distinctive.

The result of playing around with different materials and shapes was a gem- or meteorite-like shape made out of styrofoam. I used polyurethane varnish to give the structure some rigidness and a nice clean look. Though operated on only one LED light, it spreads generous amount of light whilst using little energy.

The light is connected to a battery-filled base with the help of magnets. By slightly turning the Gem, the light can be turned on or off.

Ruben Bernhardt - Prototype For An Interesting Desk-light