A brief introduction

I am a driven and enthusiastic Interaction Designer, graduated from the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU). Currently I am living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where the majority of my projects and ideas come into being.

The work on this online portfolio reflects upon a wide spectrum of interests I have as an (interaction) designer. Most of the designs, ranging from webdesigns and logos to physical installations, are the result of close collaborations with various partners while doing internships or on a private basis.

Future vision and ambitions

With regard to my development as a designer I’d like to establish a more thorough understanding of interactive installations. In my opinion, the essence of a well-constructed installation is that it is unique and fun to use, and in which the relation between functionality and art finds a proper balance.

In the near future I would like to work in the field of product and industrial design, so as to deepen my understanding of how the psychology behind interactive functionality works, and to gain practical knowledge and experience of materials and shapes.


I am a client-oriented interaction designer that empathizes with his target audience before setting anything in motion. + Getting to the root of the problem is often what inspires the most interesting and long lasting solutions. = Central to my work therefor is that I thoroughly understand both the context and the human aspect of the task at hand.